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Jun 13, 2024

Today, we have released some enhancements to our Monthly Cookie Scanning engine.

If there are any new or removed cookies on your website:

  • New Cookie Detected: You'll receive an email alert if we discover a new cookie on your website. This email will guide you to classify the cookie to ensure compliance and avoid potential functionality issues.
  • Cookie No Longer Detected: An in-app notification will appear if a previously detected cookie is no longer present. This helps you monitor changes and maintain your website's functionality.
  • Your aggregated scan report will be refreshed after each scan, providing you with the most up-to-date information. Going forward, we'll only generate aggregated reports for new scans
May 23, 2024

Domain Settings Update: Select Google Consent Mode - Advanced

We've updated the domain settings menu: you can now specifically select "Google Consent Mode - Advanced" within the framework choices.

Enhanced "Other Request" Form: Requires User Input and Prevents Auto-Closure

We've made improvements to the "Other Request" form in our consent banner:

  • Users are now required to enter a message in the text area before submitting their request.
  • The banner will no longer automatically close after submission, allowing users to confirm their request was sent successfully.

Putting the "Grammar" in "Programmer" (Or At Least Trying To)

We've been busy playing grammar police with our app! We've caught a few typos and smoothed out some sentences, so you can enjoy a more polished reading experience.

Scan Report Behavior: SSL Requirement for Expiration Information

In order for the Scan Report page to display expiration details for your domain's SSL certificate, the domain must have SSL enabled. If SSL is not enabled, the expiration information will not be shown in the report.

We've also squashed some more bugs and made a few tweaks under the hood. 

May 07, 2024

Script Installation Status

Script installation status is now immediately visible without needing to hover.

Product Update Notifications

Product update notifications are streamlined and appear only within the app's main interface.

Bug fixes

Resolved minor visual issues for improved user experience.

Apr 12, 2024

Our product evolution continues, thanks to your invaluable feedback!

Google Consent Mode OR IAB Framework

Starting today, users of Secure Privacy can select between Google Consent Mode and IAB framework. his stems from the valuable feedback we've received from our customers!

Head over to {Your Domain Name} -> Domain Settings -> Framework -> Type to choose between Google Consent Mode or IAB framework

Improved Detection of Google Cookies in Scans

In previous instances, customers utilizing Google Consent Mode reported an issue with relevant Google cookies not being blocked. This release addresses this issue by ensuring that relevant cookies are now detected during scans when consent mode is enabled.

Apr 09, 2024

Trial Subscription

As a part of this release, we have changed the way your subscription is treated when the trial ends. After the trial, you’ll transition from the Advanced Plan to the Business Plan.

Enhanced Email Filter

We’ve trained our email filter block some spam emails that sneak through the platform. 

Tinkering Behind the Scenes

We’ve also been busy improving our public APIs, refining product analytics, and fixing those bugs that love to hide in the details.

Mar 15, 2024
  • Resolved an issue where the SecurePrivacy signup page incorrectly displayed banners intended to appear only after the user has logged in.
  • Updated placeholder on the SignUp form, which will indicate that we only accept business email addresses.
  • We also fixed some issues related to caching and the translation in IAB banner
Feb 27, 2024

We've upgraded our support experience by migrating our help articles to Helpwise! This change primarily involves updated URLs for accessing our articles.

No action is required on your end. All existing bookmarks and links will automatically redirect you to the new location.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and hope you enjoy the improved accessibility and organization of our help content!

Feb 23, 2024


  • Streamlined domain management: We've implemented stricter validation rules during onboarding to prevent the addition of duplicate domains, ensuring a more organized and efficient domain management experience.
  • Enhanced UI clarity: Improved the visibility of the loader within input fields, providing clearer feedback to users during ongoing actions.


  • Modal interaction: Resolved an issue where the "X" button within modals could be clicked, potentially disrupting the intended user flow.
  • Script URL consistency: Ensured script URLs are now environment-specific, guaranteeing proper functionality across different environments.
  • Domain validation accuracy: Addressed a bug that caused domain validation to fail in specific onboarding scenarios.
  • Domain validation responsiveness: Fixed an issue where domain validation would become unresponsive within the UI.
  • Trial banner accuracy: Corrected an incorrect message displayed in the trial banner for users without owner roles, ensuring accurate information is presented.
  • API performance: Improved the performance for a subset of APIs, leading to a more responsive user experience.
Feb 14, 2024
  • Enabled translations for cookies in scan reports
  • Improved performance regarding cookie translations
  • Scan report exports now include domain name
  • Enhanced cookie detection by scanner
  • Improved accuracy of contextual consent matching
  • Implemented global notification for trial period status
  • Enhanced scanner's ability to record connection locations for tags
Jan 16, 2024

We're excited to announce a revamped integration of Google Consent Mode, providing you with the power to respect user consent while maintaining accurate analytics and conversions. This integration introduces two new consent types: ad_user_data and ad_personalization, enabling you to control how your website collects and uses user data for personalized advertising. Additionally, we've introduced an updated user interface (UI) that makes it easier to manage your consent preferences, globally and per-region, and configure your website's data collection policies.