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May 23, 2024

May Week 4 - UI Enhancements

Domain Settings Update: Select Google Consent Mode - Advanced

We've updated the domain settings menu: you can now specifically select "Google Consent Mode - Advanced" within the framework choices.

Enhanced "Other Request" Form: Requires User Input and Prevents Auto-Closure

We've made improvements to the "Other Request" form in our consent banner:

  • Users are now required to enter a message in the text area before submitting their request.
  • The banner will no longer automatically close after submission, allowing users to confirm their request was sent successfully.

Putting the "Grammar" in "Programmer" (Or At Least Trying To)

We've been busy playing grammar police with our app! We've caught a few typos and smoothed out some sentences, so you can enjoy a more polished reading experience.

Scan Report Behavior: SSL Requirement for Expiration Information

In order for the Scan Report page to display expiration details for your domain's SSL certificate, the domain must have SSL enabled. If SSL is not enabled, the expiration information will not be shown in the report.

We've also squashed some more bugs and made a few tweaks under the hood.